Risk Assessment

All visiting people to the farm should make themselves aware of the risks they face in the surroundings they find themselves and carry out their own risk assessment which generally amounts to common sense and take appropriate action to ensure their own safety and that of others. However, it is a requirement that all visitors read, understand and accept this Safety & Risk Assessment Statement.
General Risks associated with wITHERN mill Trout Farm:
SPECIFIC RISKS ALL INCLUSIVEFor the specific risks please read the additional information below  




Beware of undercuts in banks especially near deep water.


Cold Deep Water. Falling in may cause harm by hyperthermia or drowning. Keep away from edges when netting fish to reduce risk.


Always show consideration to other users on a riverbank or lake side by avoiding contacting anyone with your back-cast. It is recommended that protective glasses are worn when fishing to protect your eyes from hooks and flies.


Hooks by their design are sharp and easily penetrate the skin. Their use brings them into contact with germs etc, that can be injurious to health. Caution should be used when handling hooks, tying on or removing hooks. Barbless hooks should be used at all times

Weighted Flies

Weighted flies cause unpredictable movement of cast when casting. Extreme caution should be exercised when casting weighted flies to ensure they do not come in contact with yourself, fellow anglers or the public.

Fishing Platforms

Fishing platforms are constructed to gain access to deeper water. Hence take extra care not to fall in. They are inherently slippery, so care is needed at all times

Falling in the water

Falling in the water may cause drowning. It is recommended that a buoyancy aid is worn around water. We have Life buoys on all lakes for emergencies.


Fishing under trees can be unsafe in windy conditions. Beware of falling branches. Be vigilant for storm damaged areas where trees and their surroundings may be unsafe.

Animals & Insects

Be aware of ticks and other stinging/biting insects with special relation to Lyme’s disease.

Power Lines

Beware of fishing under power lines and remember electricity can arc over considerable distances. You are ideally earthed in water to conduct electricity. Remember that graphite is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Weather Conditions

Be aware of the weather conditions around you and stop fishing if conditions worsen.


Stop fishing and put your rods down in lightning, carbon fibre rods are very conductive.


They are well maintained but we ask you to use your own judgement before using and take extra care on wet or icy days.


Is not permitted anywhere on this fishery.


Fishing must stop 30 mins before Dusk, Daily closing times are posted on the Mill Notice Board.

   Buildings   All farm building are off limits to the general Public
   The Farm   The Farm is a working Trout Farm and as such vehicles may be moving around for work    purposes, Please do not approach any members of Staff working in the Trout Raceways.